Frequently Ask Questions


  • It is a software application, designed exclusively for jeepneys and buses, revolutionizes the way passengers pay for their rides. Powered by advanced QR code technology and seamlessly integrated with smartphones, this system eliminates the need for cash transactions, ensuring a quick, contactless, and efficient travel experience.
  • The device is inexpensive.
  • Exact calculation of fares.
  • Can automatically calculate the succeeding kilometers of the passengers that has travelled.
  • Fraud can be avoided and revenue leak cut. (iwas kupit)
  • Provide real time monitoring of daily and monthly transactions to passenger’s account app.
  • Provide real time monitoring of daily revenue/ income to cooperative.
  • Open-system that allows other AFCS provider to integrate their system with us.
  • Refund Mode features in the application.
  • Off mode when going to different route. (Ikot system)
  • Student, Senior citizen, and PWD added features for discounts.
  • With full back end support.
  • Just download the application online.
  • Sign up through online registration


  • Visit our loading stations or ask the PAO for load.
  • Open your New Pay acct in you smart phone.
  • Tap the Scan to pay button and scan the QR code for loading.
  • Or you may tap the charge button below to load your account.
  • Give your desired amount.
  • Wit & CONFIRMED and you’re on your way!